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Secure your denture prosthetics with the perfect solution

Dental implant placements are the perfect solution for securing a wide range of denture prosthetics for both the upper and lower jaws. Contact Joe Jurgevich D.D.S. today for more information.

With over 37 years of experience, Joe Jurgevich D.D.S. can handle any dental situation!

tooth implant

Dental implant placements no longer require going under the knife. Permanently restore missing or damaged teeth with a method that does not require surgery, grafting or suturing. You will be given the choice to pick between denture acrylics and porcelain teeth.

100% Non-surgical dental implants

Replace missing teeth

Missing teeth can be a major detriment to the actions of chewing

and speaking. Regain these skills with a simple, non-surgical dental implant placement procedure at Joe Jurgevich D.D.S. No-interest finance options are available.

100% Non-Surgical Dental Implants Replace Missing Teeth Secure Loose Dentures

Secure loose dentures

With dental implant placements, you no longer have to deal with the loose feeling that often accompanies dentures. Implant placements

are comfortable in your mouth, easy to care for and require absolutely no cutting or sutures.